Five Things To Consider With Smart Home Living

Do you want to build a smart home or at least attempt to? You are not alone. I am finding that more people want to take advantage of the tech benefits that come with smart home living. However, I do have a few strategies to help plan your smart home living.

1) There are a lot of options and no standard protocol. Basic devices are still using the VHS and Beta Max platforms. The simplest devices need to become more tech savvy before they are ready to enter this world. 

Devices are not going to talk to me or you. The system is very isolated. Building a real smart home living system is going to require a lot of time, money, and effort. 

Most of these houses are still in the beginning stages of development. 

2) I can tell you that some will go too far when building the ideal smart home living situation. What I mean is that everything is based on technology now, including jars. I cannot imagine trying to open up a smart jar. That is just a little too crazy for me. 

Everyone wants to do thing according to technology. I have found though that some things are more of a hassle. I mean what happens when everything in the house is built from technology? You have to change the passwords a million times a day. 

I am not saying that the ideal smart home is a bad idea. I am simply stating that a little perspective is required to make it home. Too much technology can be a bad thing. 

3) I suggest sticking with one brand when you design your ideal home. I have seen homes that mix and match the brands. It does not look good at all. There is no universal protocol or feeling. The only downside to that is you are depending on
that one company to have everything you need. 

The best thing to do is to pick two companies that have the tech stuff you like and use their products. Everything should flow in the house, especially when it is a smart home. 

4) Some of the “dumb devices” are not a bad idea. I notice a lot of people like to use smart TVs. The only issue with that is sometimes you have a user interface problem. You have to spend more money to fix it. 

A dumb device is not going to give you those problems. 


“You are the weakest link. Goodbye!”

Did I forget to mention that a smart home can be hacked by anyone who has a passcode into your life? They only need a few snippets of personal info and they are in. I am simply saying you may need to double up on the protection if you get one.